Aircraft PreHeater

The Northern Companion Preheater is an excellent advancement for those of us pilots living in climates where preheating the airplane is a must. This little heater can heat my Cessna 185 in about 1 hour at 0 degrees F. Weighing only 5lbs 14oz, on average, with a stainless steel heat chamber, heating duct, MSR XGK multi fuel stove with accessories, stabilizing legs, and a 22oz fuel container this little gem packs into itself to a total dimmension of 17"*6" in diameter. This heater can use auto gas, white gas, kerosene, 100LL, and #1 diesel. Great as a survival stove also because you can use fuel from the airplane, includes a pot for melting snow or boiling water. Convection draws the heat from the cowl flap under the engine, out the opening near the spinner. Sets up in minutes without the need for any tools. Choose between Taildragger or Nosewhell style below.